Reconstruction of lost interdental papilla with hyaluronic acid gel

Hyaluronic acid: Hope of light to black triangles.

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This Case Report study was published in 2016 in Journal of J Int Soc Prev Community Dent. by Indian specialists. The purpose of this study is to report the reconstruction of lost interdental papilla using hyaluronic acid gel. This study was aimed to reconstruct the lost interdental papilla by injecting 0.2% hyaluronic acid via nonsurgical approach. A 24-year-old female reported to the Department of Periodontics with her esthetic concern and complaint regarding the loss of interdental papilla, i.e. black triangle, in the anterior maxillary region.



This study indicates possible improvements in regenerating lost interdental papilla and removal of black triangle by injecting HA into the lost papilla using a nonsurgical approach. Because of its property of modulating periodontal wounds, HA is useful in regenerating periodontal tissues. This nonsurgical approach limits the use of surgical procedures for regenerating lost papilla, and hence, it is a noninvasive method and also reduces patient discomfort. Therefore, this study demonstrates HA to be a nonsurgical approach for regenerating lost papilla and gave significant and satisfactory results. To overcome the limitations of using of HA for regenerating lost papilla, this study need to be elaborated with more number of patients depending upon the size of the black triangle.

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