T-Flux Implant versus Sodium hyaluronate 1.4%(Healon GV®) in Deep Sclerectomy

T-Flux Implant versus Sodium hyaluronate 1.4%(Healon GV�) in Deep Sclerectomy.jpg

T-Flux Implant versus Healon GV® in Deep Sclerectomy. A Randomized, Prospective, Clinical trial

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This clinical trial was published in 2004 in journal of glaucoma (IF 2017:2.102) by Swedish ophthalmologists. In this study 23 eyes of 20 patients with medically uncontrolled open angle glaucoma, divided in 2 groups who underwent deep Sclerectomy with either Healon GV® (Sodium hyaluronate 1.4%) or T-Flux (T-Flux implant is the first nonabsorbable biocompatible hydrophilic high-water content (38%) implant used in nonpenetrating filtering surgery) implant over a period of 24 months.



The results of this clinical trial proved that Deep Sclerectomy with Sodium hyaluronate 1.4%(Healon GV®) is an effective and safe surgery.

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