Adhesion prevention by the multi-layer electrospun membrane

Multi-Layer Electrospun Membrane Mimicking Tendon Sheath for Prevention of Tendon Adhesions

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This clinical trial was published in 2015 in Journal of Int. J. Mol. Sci. (IF 2015:4.01) by Chinese orthopedics. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether this multi-layer electrospun membrane can prevent adhesion by the outer layer and promote tendon gliding and healing by HA and the inner layer. In this study, a multi-layer electrospun membrane-like tendon sheath structure was designed, the outer layer was celecoxib-loaded PELA electrospun fibrous membrane, the inner layer was PELA electrospun fibrous membrane, and HA gel was placed between two layers.



The results demonstrated that such a biomimetic multi-layer sheath could be used as a potential strategy in clinics for promoting tendon gliding and preventing adhesion without poor tendon healing.

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