Hyaluronic Acid

This collection, called hyland, aims to promote knowledge about the valuable hyaluronic acid molecule. By collecting all clinical articles about the effectiveness of this molecule in diseases or other medical use, this collection is intended to afford a reliable foundation for all physicians to use products containing this substance.

1. Promotion of clinical and applied sciences for the use of this article
2. Supporting scientists and researchers who want to get involved in study of this article
3. A gathering of scholars in this field with the aim of creating scientific discussions to express their views and decisions.
4. Announcing first-hand news from this substance and new views on its use.

The Hyland.center Database

The Hyland.center Database is provided by widely search in four other famous databases:
Web of Sciences, Scopus, Pubmed and Google Scholar.

Mission Statement

"To empower clinician with the available clinical evidences about hyaluronic acid (HA) for better managing their patient and to empower researchers to better design more studies in order to find other benefits of this safe and effective molecule. Hyland.Center is the largest, database available on the internet which specifically focused to introduce all clinical investigations about HA to other researchers. Our aim is to be the internet’s most trusted resource for HA. We will achieve this aim by introducing all papers in a clear and concise format for researchers and healthcare professionals.

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Hyland.Center is the Internet’s largest dedicated HA Information web portal/search engine for both healthcare professionals and researchers.
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The Hyland.center website is owned and operated by the Hyland Group. The Hyland Group is a privately held by a group of Iranian researchers interested in HA molecule.
Hyland Group is NOT affiliated with any pharmaceutical companies. The only funding we receive from pharmaceutical companies is by way of advertisements and sponsorship that appear on the Hyland.center website.

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